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Victoriapoolstoday was designed specifically for players to play it safe 

Victoriapoolstoday was launched by WLA , one of the biggest lottery association 

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victoriapoolstoday the most innovative and reliable playing software on the market, ensuring that the odds are always fair. We want our customers to be able to focus on our awesome games, without having to worry about performance issues. That’s why we use only the finest lottery gaming technology.

Are online Lottery safe?

Any legal online lottery is heavily regulated, with security being a chief concern in the licensing process. As such, any lottery that is properly licensed has demonstrated that they have the tools and ability to keep personal and financial information safe, as well as securely process financial transaction. For those looking for further details, a portion of every GDC review is dedicated to that lottery’s safety and security.

How can you add and withdraw funds at online lotterys?

Credit cards, bank transfers, and any number of digital payment services can be used at nearly all online lotterys. Some lotterys even accept more fringe payment options like Bitcoin, and new means of funding such as Pay By Phone are emerging all the time. For more in-depth analysis we have compiled the following resource guides:

To compile our recaps of each of these aspects our reviewers spend time digging into a site and exploring all the digital nooks and crannies they can find. This allows them to become intimately familiar with the workings of not only the site, but the company behind it (something that is supplemented with further web research).

When it comes to functionality and gameplay, we playtest games in a number of different categories, which allows us to form first-hand impressions on how the games operate that we can then pass on to consumers. Our combination of practical site usage and meticulous research into internet lotterys as well as the companies behind them allows us to provide readers with reviews that are both exhaustive and informative.

Our priority is ensuring an amazing experience for our users.


At victoriapools, every player is treated like royalty. Our courteous expert customer support agents are always available to serve your needs. Our number one focus is making sure that our customers are having a fun and seamless experience. There is nothing more important to us than your happiness.

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Gambling recreation is fun. Obsessive gambling is not!

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